Workshops in Nelson

How wonderful that we have been invited back for workshops in Nelson by Heather & Beth of Soul Tango who started the whole Argentine tango thing happening in that neck of the woods. We love being in Nelson with the local tango community there. It is a very special place and ideally suited for tango.

Our workshops in Nelson will take place on October 24, 25 and 26, 2014. There will be workshops every day and a special milonga and performance  by Elizabeth and me on Saturday evening. The theme for this series is Mysterioso.  A perfect name and theme.

Tango is such a mysterious dance. Two people who do not know each other can dance together in the most intimate of situations, have a unique connection for those 3 or 4 minutes of the dance.  For Argentine tango more than any other dance, the connection you have with your partner is very important. The more advanced the dancers, the more they work on their connection and dancing to the music rather than seeing how many moves they can cram in to a song.

One of the most amazing experiences is the ‘Cinderella’ dance. The Cinderella dance you will only realize has happened to you when the song is over. It is usually with a complete stranger. Usually at a festival or large event that draws dancers from all around the world. They can be anywhere from beginner to advanced level. But ….. the connection is so strong that the rest of the dancers seem to fade away and it is as if there are only two people on the dance floor. You .. your partner .. and the music. Every invitation by the leader is immediately accepted by the follower with grace and elegance. Two bodies truly dancing with one soul. The music pours into every fibre of your being and almost dictates what your next move should be. There is no rush, no frantic adjustments of weight, no axis corrections. Just the euphoric gliding and movement of you and your partner guided by the music. In many cases you do not know your partner’s name. You may not even remember what they look like. But you will remember that dance …… forever. They are far and few between. I hope you all get to experience it at a milonga somewhere.

Tango Mysterioso in Nelson BC Oct 24, 25, 26 2014

Tango Workshops in Nelson

We hope that if you are or around the area you will join us ….