Next Workshop with Clarry & Elizabeth

We had a great time at our workshop in Nelson. What a wonderful community. Keep posted for the next workshop with Clarry & Elizabeth.

Workshop with Clarry and Elizabeth in Nelson 2104

Great Gatsby Milonga at Ric’s Grill in Nelson

There were many new faces and many that had been to our last few workshops over the years. The workshops went extremely well. Everyone was really keen and worked very hard. It is so refreshing to see a community grow like they have in Nelson.

The very appropriate theme for the milonga on Saturday night at Ric’s Grill as can be seen in the picture above, was The Great Gatsby and everyone bought into it.

Thanks as always to Heather and Beth of Soul Tango for all their hard work and commitment.

We look forward to our next visit  ….

See you at our milonga in Vancouver on Tuesday’s … La Tangueria Esposito and on Friday’s at Tango Media Luz