Milonga Workshop with Clarry & Elizabeth

We are once again delighted to offer  our

Clarry & Elizabeth Milonga Workshop Feb 1 - 22, 2014

Milonga cannot learnt or taught in a day. Our workshops are a progressive,  graduated series so that you can digest the information and included is a 1/2 hr supervised practica.  By the end of 4 weeks  you will be able to confidently dance Milonga.

This is also an ideal opportunity to review techniques , elements and to hone your musicality skills

Many of you were at our last series of Milonga workshops which we hope you enjoyed and has been of some value to you. From the feedback we have received from our students, and from what we see on the dance floor,  we are thrilled by the results.

Partners are strongly recommended. However if you do not have a partner please let us know so that we can try and fit you in.

The milonga workshop is now FULL … Please check back with us for our next workshop

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