June Series of Argentine Tango



June 7th  – June 28th

….Registration is Now Closed ….
….Please Check Back For Our July 2016 Series ….


Please join us for our 4 week Series of Tango Classes for June 2016
on Tuesdays at 4015 Fraser Street

Argentine Tango – Intermediate Level

$60 Per Person
(includes admission to milonga 8:30 – 11:30)

Tuesdays June 7th – 28th
7:30pm – 8:30pm
Partners required
By pre-registration only

4015 Fraser Street, Vancouver BC (La Tangueria Esposito)

If you do not have a partner contact us and we can put you on a waitlist.

For our June series of Argentine Tango we are going to have some exciting classes in the structure of Argentine tango with emphasis on balance, axis and connection. How as leaders to confidently lead our partners and still maintain that all too important connection . And how as a follower we can respond … not react … with grace and elegance. The goals as always are to dance to the music … and apply what we have learned in time to the phrasing of the gorgeous tango music heard at milongas around the world. As well we do this with our partner…. in the line of dance with floorcraft and courtesy to those around us.

Join us for a month of weekly instruction followed by the milonga which is included in the price.

We put a special effort into providing a follower/leader balanced class, so please register ahead of time so that we can accommodate everyone.