Clarry Bio

Clarry first got interested in Argentine Tango in 2000. After going to a tango gala and taking the lesson prior to the milonga for the first time, he knew that Tango was going to become his passion. It’s creativity, which in itself is limitless, the music and the interpretation of the music, the social aspect rather than a competitive aspect, set it apart from all other forms of structured dance. From that point on it became an obsession.
Clarry had studied classical guitar for many years which adds a keen sense of musicality to his dancing. Training in martial arts prior to his interest in Argentine Tango had provided him with valuable skills in balance and movement.
From 2000, he worked privately with and took numerous workshops from most of the Argentine Tango Masters in Argentina, France, Italy, USA and Canada. He continues to improve his skills and understanding of Argentine Tango.
Clarry is owner of the very popular milonga, ‘La Tangueria Esposito’ in Vancouver Canada where he DJ’s, teaches, performs and holds regular Fri Tuesday milongas  La Tangueria Esposito which he co hosts with Elizabeth. These are the two longest running weekly milongas in Vancouver . He was also the organizer of the very successful Argentine tango festival ‘Vantangofest’, which was held annually every May in Vancouver.
Clarry has been teaching and performing since 2004. He has a keen understanding of technique together with balance, movement and musicality. He brings a unique style and talent to the tango community.
His preference is Tango Salon, however as an instructor of Argentine Tango he teaches and embraces all the various styles of tango from Buenos Aires, North America and Europe. He has given workshops and performances in Alberta , BC, USA and Europe. He has also taken part in the film “The Neighbour” by director Naghmeh Shirkhan with credits as a tango Instructor both on screen and off.
His philosophy is to make his workshops and classes enjoyable, interesting and attainable.